Graphic Panel Displays

The foundation of a good exhibit program is a tried and true graphic panel display. Designed to be flexible and accommodate your requirements down the road, yet robust enough to handle your heavy demands of today. The Portables presents the most versatile, modular and lightweight display systems on the market.

  • Network

    So you need a beautiful back wall one day and next day you need it to also showcase a lot of products. How will you do this? Well we are glad you asked that question because the answer is simple - Network. Need to have it hold a monitor – done. Want to show-off your product on internal shelves – easy. Maybe you need it to hold dimensional signage that you can change as required – please, give me something harder. Network is versatile, lightweight and completely adaptable - we totally love it. Systems start at under $2000

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  • Original 8

    What a strange name for a display system, but it has been around since 1980 so it really is the original. Let’s call it O8 for short. O8 is a frame system that has at its heart a 360 degree hinge. Don’t like a straight wall configuration and want to have a tower instead? Well within O8 capabilities. When you are done with back walls, but your sales team really needs product counters, your back wall can morph into a product counter. For this task you will need a screwdriver – but we are pretty sure you can handle that conversion. Systems start at under $1,600

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