Outdoor Products

Had enough of being surrounded by 4 walls, but your boss is demanding sales? Brainstorm idea coming. How about selling outdoors? The Portables has just the right tools to emblazon your selling space. Sell, while working on your tan…what a novel idea.

  • Tents

    It is a beautiful summer day, the sun is beating down on you, and you are scheduled to be at the event for 8 hours. But wait, what is above you providing much needed shelter from the sun? Why it’s a corporate branded tent from The Portables keeping your ice-cold drinks at the perfect temperature. Add corporate messaging as an imprint, very cost-effective, or splashed across every square inch, very impactful. The choice depends on your brand and of course, your budget.

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  • Flags

    You are located on a busy street but your prospects keep driving by. What to do? A flag from The Portables might be the perfect solution. With 4 different styles and various sizes the choices might make you hesitate. Alas, help is but a click away. Chat us up and let’s talk about flags. Big ones, small ones, rectangular ones, oval ones and anything in between - we look forward to the discussion.

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  • Sidewalk Signs

    Colloquially known as Sandwich Boards, these mainstays of retail stop prospective buyers in their tracks. Double-sided to attract them coming and going, a Sidewalk sign from The Portables lets everyone know that you are open for business. Let’s emblazon your message all over the Sidewalk sign – it costs you the same amount if it is white with a quick logo or a beautiful Picasso. We strongly suggest the latter.

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